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Co-Studio Heads Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell are lifelong friends. As teens – other than going to parties and committing the usual shenanigans – they scoured the digital universe for the latest, most exciting games that existed, always seeking that next big thrill. After spending over half their lives gaming together it’s clear that it’s that same sense of curiosity and wonder that drove them to start Deviation Games.

Engrained in their DNA is a passion to create worlds intertwined with mind-bending stories of intrigue and awe, pushing the digital envelope on a quest for innovation yet to be discovered. Dave and Jason have already left an indelible mark on the video game industry and Deviation Games is what happens when two kids have too much time on their hands and dare to dream!

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At Deviation Games, our teams are at the center of everything we do. We know you value your creativity and want to work hard to build games with vision and heart. We do too. Deviation Games is a place that fosters inclusivity and welcomes new ideas and new voices.

We want people who are on the cutting edge of the gaming industry, who want to join a company where the leadership has a pedigree of creating blockbuster games. We’ve created an environment that supports expansive thinking and nurtures the imagination because we know the creative process is integral to creating legendary games. We want DEVIATORS!

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